JDL Electric provides business owners with a full range of commercial electrical services,
including design solutions for new builds or retrofit projects, maintenance and repair needs, Tekmar
Automation installations, and more.

We offer two benefits to our commercial clients:

  1. We put a lot of effort into finding the right balance between pricing, timing, and service requirements. Doing everything at perfect quality the same day at half the market cost is simply unrealistic. We believe that good relationships come from arrangements that are reasonable and well-executed. This starts with open, honest conversations.
  2. We’ve built up some incredible relationships over the past twenty years. Our informal partnerships with project managers and various contractors allows us to offer packaged services and to bring in high-quality outside advice to save clients time and money.

For appointments and free estimates, please call 780-532-5029.
For 24/7 emergency service, please call 780-532-5029.

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