We began in 1994 as a residential services company, honing our customer-support skills by working alongside homeowners on renovation and repair projects. Once we felt that we’d solidified our quality in that area, we expanded our offerings to include design, building, and maintenance services for commercial customers.

Our team now includes 15 electricians, including Red Seal Journeyman (the highest certification in our industry) and a full admin staff.

But this growth hasn’t changed we who are: the same stubborn values that got us this far are what we trust will carry us forward for the next 20 years.

Our Mission

Everything we do revolves around one core goal: delivering electrical services at a price and service-level that will make our competition wonder how we do it.

The JDL Electric Difference

How do we do it? By valuing simple things and executing them really well. We’ve made significant sacrifices for the sake of old-fashioned concepts like stability and team culture, and we’ve structured our business to be as efficient as possible.

We also believe that technical talent isn’t enough. Experience needs to be supported by attitude. Knowing how to make clients happy is as important as knowing which wire to run where — and we hire and develop accordingly.

When you build a company around these principles, and when you intentionally revisit them on an ongoing basis, good things happen.

The Man In Charge

Twenty years ago, Jeff Hinz started off as a typical journeyman, except for one difference: he was always as interested in human problems as he was electrical ones. He realized early on that the difference between an ecstatic customer or employee and a deeply dissatisfied one went beyond just wires, invoices, and paycheques.

He now runs the business to reflect that same realization: i.e., that how you deliver a solution is as important as the solution itself. A good solution should be personal, responsive, and executed with a smile.

When he’s not working, Jeff takes every opportunity to enjoy what the Peace Region has to offer. He’s especially a fan of outdoor recreation with his family.